Six Must-See Attractions In Florence

Are you planning to travel to Florence, Italy? You must be fortunate. Florence is reputed to host the most significant number of galleries and museums in the world. If you have limited time to spend in Florence, you need to plan it well so that you can only visit the attractions that matter to you. You, therefore, need to make an honest to-do list. You will find the following tips helpful in deciding where to visit and where not to.

1. The Uffizi Gallery

The Uffizi Gallery should be the first place to visit in Florence. As you may have known, this city hosts the best galleries for Italian paintings in the whole world. Due to this fame, the Uffizi Gallery attracts a crowd of people every day. You should be there early so that you can visit other places on time.

2.  The Duomo Square

The best place to people in Florence is the Duomo Square. Although it is almost crowded, you can still find a space to see the major attraction site. Duomo is the work of the famous Ghiberti in 1400s.  Its doors were so attractive that one Michelangelo believed they were the gates of paradise. As you leave Duomo, you can visit the Baptistery, which is nearby.

3. The Giotto’s Tower and Duomo’s Dome

If you want to have a clear view of the Florence city, visit the Giotto’s tower or the Duomo dome. Here you can learn a lot about how ancient architecture was done. As you climb the dome, you can enjoy the sight of other historical monuments in Florence.

4. The Great Frorence Graveyard

Florence is the birthplace for well-known people. You can visit graves of famous people like Galileo, Rossini, Machiavelli, and Michelangelo. These are great people who have made Florence be what it is today. They have contributed a lot to the world, as we know it.

5. Leather Market of Florence

As you prepare to go back, you need to buy an item to remind you that you were once in Italy. There are several leather markets in Florence, but the best one is next to San Lorenzo Church. Many people like it because of its superior leather wares. When you are done with the market, you can visit the 19th century Mercato Centrale.

6. The Parte Vecchio Bridge

When your day is done after visiting these fascinating sites, you can give your spirit a treat by watching the sun go down on the Parte Vecchio Bridge. The beautiful sunset makes it the most sought after hangout for lovebirds. This iconic attraction is always full of people. There are many stores where you can buy your last items before flying away.


The city of Florence is rightly called the ‘Cradle of the Renaissance’ due to its ancient monuments, churches and other historical buildings. You will not spend a lot in this city if you plan well. No matter your interests, you will always find something interesting in this great city.