The Most Common Travel Disasters

No matter how well you prepare for a trip, you are likely to encounter travel disasters that can ruin your travel experience. Having the most common disasters in mind is a sure way to prevent their occurrence. Here are the most common travel disasters that you should have in mind when traveling.

Lost Passport

The worst nightmare for every traveler is opening the backpack, purse, or money belt to realize that they don’t have a passport. Whether lost or stolen, the experience can be scary. When this happen, try searching for your passport in your hotel room. If you still can’t find your passport, talk to your embassy and inform the local police.

Missed Flight

When your plane comes late, you may not get an explanation, apology, or discount. However, if you arrive at the airport late, chances are that you will miss your flight. Events that are beyond your control can lead to a missed flight. If this happens, contact the airline’s desk. Maybe the airline can get you a seat in the next flight. Depending on your airline, you might pay for this or not pay anything at all. If you can’t board the next flight, book the next day’s flight or use the partner of your carrier.

Lost Luggage

It happens all the time. You stare at bags gliding on the conveyer belt towards you but you eventually can’t find yours. No matter how easy your bag was to spot, you might realize that you can’t find it in the last minute. When the airline loses your luggage, get a claim ticket immediately. You might be lucky to have your luggage put in the wrong plane or delayed. That means you will still get it later on.

Injury or Illness

Sustaining an injury or getting sick when traveling is a serious travel disaster. The best way to deal with this disaster is to take precaution before departing. Make sure that you have the emergency numbers of your country, phone number of your embassy, address, and local hospitals where doctors speak the language you understand.

To make dealing with these and other travel disasters easy, get travel insurance that covers all of them. This will enable you to get all the assistance you need in case any of them occurs when traveling.