What to Carry in Your Money Belt when Traveling

Though it is called a money belt, it carries more than just money. Travelers use money belt to carry items that they don’t want to lose or have stolen. Here are some of the things that you can carry with your money belt.

Credit Card

This is used by most travelers when making bigger purchases at restaurants, shops, hotels, travel agencies and car rental agencies among others. Others use them when placing online orders or when using payment machines. If you don’t intend to use your credit cards during the day, carry them in your money belt.

Debit Cards

Many travelers use debit cards to withdraw cash in local currencies at the cash machines. It’s advisable that you carry your debit card in the money belt especially if you don’t intend to use it the day you travel.

Backup Card

When traveling, you may carry a third card. This can be a credit card or a debit card from a different provider. This is very important especially if one gets demagnetized, lost, or eaten by a machine that is simply temperamental. You simply use it when your major cards fail to work.

Although debit cards can be a good backup, credit cards can be rotten backup cards because they have very high cash advance rates and withdrawal fees. Therefore, use a credit card to withdraw money at an ATM when you don’t have an option. Nevertheless, an extra credit card may be helpful if it can cover collision damage waiver for a rental car.


It’s called a money belt because it is meant for carry cash. However, don’t carry too much cash in your money belt. Ideally, the cash backup that you carry in your money belt should not exceed $200. You can use this cash for emergencies like when you need cash and ATMs are not working or banks are on strike.

A money belt is for securing what a traveler wants to keep safe and secure. Carry these items in your money belt to make your trip safe and enjoyable.